"An Angel Baby's Cuddle Sent To A Family In Need"


Waiting List Status Legend

Order Placed: This status means the order was placed and it has been assigned a waiting list number.

Awaiting Confirmation: This status means we have sent the customer a pre-production confirmation email and we are waiting for a reply.

Ready for Production: This status means the customer replied to the confirmation email and the order is ready for production.

In Production: This status means a bear maker has “checked out” the order and is working on it. Once "In production", the order should ship by the last day of the month.

Shipped: This status means the bear maker has completed the order and the bear has shipped.

Contact Us: This status means we have tried to send the pre-production confirmation email at least 3 times and still have not received a response. If this is your status, please email Confirm@MollyBears.org with your waiting list number.

Removed: This status means the order has been removed and will not be created. Either the order was a duplicate, or was placed under false pretenses, or the parents requested to be removed from the waiting list.

Order # Order Status First Name Last Name  
17893 Order Placed Elizabeth Montcalm
17892 Order Placed Jillian Stubbs
17891 Order Placed Jillian Stubbs
17890 Order Placed Shannon Thomas
17889 Order Placed Julia Ortiz
17888 Order Placed Cristal Sandoval
17887 Order Placed Melanie Jones
17886 Order Placed Heather Davis
17885 Order Placed Helen Wickens
17884 Order Placed Latisha Baker
17883 Order Placed Nelissabeth Torres
17882 Order Placed Cara Deetx
17881 Order Placed Janelle Snyder
17880 Order Placed Chrystal Battaglia
17879 Order Placed diana boyd
17878 Order Placed Annie McCoy
17877 Order Placed Erin Koller
17876 Order Placed Katie Chartier
17875 Order Placed Andrea Jones
17874 Order Placed Abbey Janosik
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