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Waiting List Status Legend

Order Placed: This status means the order was placed and it has been assigned a waiting list number.

Awaiting Confirmation: This status means we have sent the customer a pre-production confirmation email and we are waiting for a reply.

Ready for Production: This status means the customer replied to the confirmation email and the order is ready for production.

In Production: This status means a bear maker has “checked out” the order and is working on it. Once "In production", the order should ship by the last day of the month.

Shipped: This status means the bear maker has completed the order and the bear has shipped.

Contact Us: This status means we have tried to send the pre-production confirmation email at least 3 times and still have not received a response. If this is your status, please email Confirm@MollyBears.org with your waiting list number.

Removed: This status means the order has been removed and will not be created. Either the order was a duplicate, or was placed under false pretenses, or the parents requested to be removed from the waiting list.

Order # Order Status First Name Last Name  
20200 Order Placed Latisha Griffin
20199 Order Placed Samantha Butler
20198 Order Placed Shannon Whitcomb
20197 Order Placed Tiffani Rogers
20196 Order Placed Katie Lueken
20195 Order Placed Ashton Byars
20194 Order Placed Jessica Berthiaume
20193 Order Placed Jessalynn Peel
20192 Order Placed Kerrimah Brown
20191 Order Placed Tiffani Bruderer
20190 Order Placed Katy Zheng
20189 Order Placed Allison Templeton
20188 Order Placed Tiffany Norman
20187 Order Placed Alicia Blanco
20186 Order Placed Dominique Lee
20185 Order Placed Shelby Proffitt
20184 Order Placed Shannon Krys
20183 Order Placed Elizabeth Cressman
20182 Order Placed Heather Lovrien
20181 Order Placed Susan Chase
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