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Express Pass is Closed

Molly Bear in a Boot

The Molly Bears Express Pass is a fundraising tool that allows you to move your order to the top of the waiting list for immediate production. An Express Pass provides funding for an order from the top of the waiting list, the sponsored order of your choice, and training new team members.
Express Passes will be available in the near future. Please revisit this page for further updates or follow us on Facebook.

When Molly Bears Express Passes are available, here is the information you will need to know in order to participate:

  • You must be on the waiting list to participate. You can search for your order here: Tracking Bears. If you placed your order with last month's form opening, your order may not be listed yet.  The waiting list will be updated completely before Express Passes open.
  • Friends or family can purchase a pass for you, as long as you are on the waiting list. Passes are $100 for a single loss or $150 for multiple losses. Shipping that exceeds $15 is not included and must be covered prior to production.
  • Orders sponsored with Express Passes will ship no later than the date listed in the post.  You will receive a payment receipt and a confirmation email from Molly Bears. If you have received both of these, your Molly Bears Express Pass is confirmed. Within 24 hours the order you sponsored will receive a pre-production confirmation email. Once you or the person you sponsored replies to that email, the order will move to production.

Molly Bears